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The "SnuggleBunnies" have been waiting to meet you and become friends.  You see, making friends is very important in "Bunnyland."  The "SnuggleBunnies" have learned that a good friend makes your life happier and that you can never have too many friends.  A good friend can lift you up when you're feeling low, and even higher, when you're feeling happy. 

Although the SnuggleBunnies are similar in some ways, they also celebrate their differences.  Hoppity-Hop likes to have fun all the time, while Study Bunny loves to read.  Skipping Suzie loves sports, while Rappin Rabbit enjoys playing on his computer.  These differences work out very well.  Hoppity-Hop knows who to ask, for with his computer, and Skipping Suzie knows who to turn to, for a good book.  In this way, it's the things that make us different, that bring us closer together.

What would life be like, if there were no differences between us.  Imagine, if we all acted exactly the same, looked the same way, dressed in the same clothes, ate the same food, played the same games and knew the same things.  There would never be anything new to do, we would all be doing the same things.  We would never know the excitement and adventure of trying something new, for the very first time.

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